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Phase I ESA: Russell Stover



Anne Melia


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Project Summary

Blackstone completed a Phase I ESA at an undeveloped agricultural property adjacent to a Russell Stover Candies Manufacturing Plant. An alleged historical PCB-spill at the Site was identified in the EDR Report and the KDHE Spill Database. The spill was alleged to have occurred on a City Warehouse lot, which did not match the historical use of the subject Site. Blackstone contacted KDHE to confirm the location of the spill, but KDHE no longer had the applicable files. Blackstone then contacted the City of Iola and located employees who had knowledge of the incident. As a result, Blackstone was able to confirm that the spill did not occur at the subject Site, but at the City Warehouse lot. Therefore, the PCB spill incident was not considered a REC to the subject Site, and no additional site assessment activities were necessary.

Due Diligence Project