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Odor Services

When approaching an odor issue, Blackstone’s experts work with clients to identify odor sources, develop and conduct monitoring and modeling analyses, and develop odor management and mitigation plans. We also provide odor classification, complaint management, and database development services.

Service Offerings

Areas of Expertise
  • Odor Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Field Odor Monitoring Using the Nasal Ranger
  • Ambient Air Sampling
  • Air Dispersion Modeling of Odor Plumes
  • Analysis of Atmospheric Conditions and Topographic Features that Contribute to Odors
  • Identification of Potential Odor Sources
  • Classification of Odors
  • Odor Complaint Management and Database Development
  • Response to Owner Concerns and Evaluation of Citizen Complaints Litigation Support and Expert Witness
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness
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