Alternative Earthen Final Cover Services

Alternative Earthen Final Cover Services

Apr 23, 2019

Blackstone Environmental provides design, monitoring and evaluation services to landfills in the implementation and management of the Alternative Earthen Final Cover (AEFCs).

Native grasses, wild flowers, shrubs and trees are key for areas surrounding landfills to eventually mimic the natural state before landfill development, and sustained biodiversity as a result of trees and grasses will provide food sources for different wildlife species.

AEFCs are constructed to perform as well as Subtitle D caps and are more cost effective and sustainable over the long term. Additional benefits include final covers that provide a naturally sustainable, ecosystem-based design requiring less maintenance and offering improved structural integrity, water uptake, vegetation health, nutrient recycling and wildlife/aesthetic characteristics.

For more information about Blackstone’s AEFC services, contact Kyle Kukuk at 913-956-6223.

Photos: Taken at Hamm Sanitary Landfill (HSL) last month outside of Lawrence, Kansas. HSL has been approved under the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Research, Development and Demonstration regulations to construct an AEFC.