SW: Ark City Refinery Site: Waste Delineation – Blackstone/Golder Team
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Refinery Site: Waste Delineation - Blackstone/Golder Team



Emily Smart


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Project Summary

Blackstone Environmental conducted waste delineations activities at the former Arkansas City Refinery Site in conjunction with Golder Associates of Denver, Colorado. The former refinery operated from the 1910s to the 1930s but was abandoned and used as a municipal dump until the 1980s. Part of the Site was remediated by the EPA in the 1990s due to the presence of acidic waste ponds; however, other non-acidic ponds were not remediated due to petroleum exclusion of CERCLA. KDHE attempted to find a responsible party but were unable to and moved the Site to the State Water Plan remediation program. The purpose of the waste delineation project was to determine the volume of the remaining untreated waste and impacted soil and to evaluate potential remediation strategies.

Solid Waste Project

Services Provided

  • Visiting the Site with KDHE and the equipment subcontractor to determine the best method for waste delineation;
  • Development of a waste delineation work plan, quality assurance project plan and health and safety plan that was approved by KDHE;
  • Clearing utilities and gaining access to private property;
  • Evaluation of waste ponds via trench excavation with a backhoe excavator;
  • Coordinating trenching activities with the excavating contractor;
  • Sampling of soil and waste for Site characterizations;
  • Documentation of waste depth and locations;
  • Estimation of waste volumes and impacted soil volumes based upon trenching and analytical information;
  • Reporting of findings with an evaluation of potential remediation strategies for the waste ponds


Blackstone and Golder were able to determine approximate volumes of waste within the untreated ponds and approximate volume of soil impacted with petroleum at the waste pond location. This information was used to evaluate three viable remedial strategies. This information will be used by the KDHE State Water Program to develop a remediation strategy for the former Arkansas City Refinery waste ponds.