Env. Com.: Electric Utility Landfill and Compliance Support
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Electric Utility Landfill & Groundwater Compliance Support



Emily Smart


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Project Summary

Blackstone provides compliance services to local electric utilities, including Westar Energy and the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities.

These services include:

  • Quarterly inspection of landfills for QA and SWP3 compliance
  • Groundwater sampling and reporting including Sanitas data analysis
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Airspace computations for landfills
  • Landfill permit modifications
  • Landfill closure and post-closure cost estimates
  • CQA oversight, monitoring, and reporting
  • Preparation of landfill operations plan
  • Preparation of waste management unit closure plans
  • Prepare sampling and analysis plans
  • Prepare plot plans
  • Review of remediation plans
  • Compliance for CCR units
  • Fly Ash landfill monofill facility operation plan
  • Fly Ash landfill engineering design plans