SW: GCCS Design and Construction Management: Rolling Meadows, Pheasant Point, and Metro Park East
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GCCS Design & Construction Management



Kyle Kukuk


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Project Summary

Blackstone has provided engineering consulting services to Waste Management, including design of gas collection and control system (GCCS) expansion systems, GCCS future planning, and construction quality assurance (CQA) oversight of GCCS construction.

Services Provided

Engineering Design and Construction Management

Blackstone has helped plan and design expansions to the existing GCCS systems at the Rolling Meadows Landfill in Topeka, Kansas; Pheasant Point Landfill in Bennington, Nebraska; and Metro Park East Landfill in Mitchellville, Iowa. Blackstone designed the expansions to the existing systems, which include new vertical extraction wells, new header and lateral piping, gas control valves, and leachate condensate sumps. Blackstone has also assisted Waste Management in long-term planning for future GCCS placement and construction at these landfills. Blackstone also conducted the CQA oversight of the construction of the 2014 Rolling Meadows GCCS expansion which included drilling of the vertical extraction wells, vertical extraction well placement and backfill, trench construction, header and lateral pipe placement, airline and force main placement, and valve installation. Blackstone also prepared and submitted the engineering certification report for the CQA of GCCS expansion project.

Blackstone assisted in stormwater management at the Rolling Meadows Landfill with the design and construction of an overflow release culvert at one of the main stormwater ponds. The culvert was designed to reduce the chance of flooding near the scale house during large rain events. Blackstone oversaw the construction and installation of the culvert and submitted an engineering certification report to KDHE.