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Landfill Gas System Expansion: Hamm Landfill



Kyle Kukuk


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Project Summary

Blackstone Environmental provided engineering design and construction oversight for the landfill gas collection and control system (GCCS) expansion at the Hamm Landfill in Lawrence, Kansas. The GCCS consists of vertical gas extraction wells, collection and control piping, leachate condensate sumps, leachate forcemains, air supply lines, and control valves. The site includes a landfill gas-to-energy plant which converts the collected LFG into usable pipeline quality, high-BTU natural gas. The first phase of the GCCS was constructed in 2016. The second phase of GCCS included installation of 14 vertical extraction wells along with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) collection piping.

Services Provided

The overall objective of this project was to design and provide construction drawings for the second phase of the GCCS at the landfill. Design of the GCCS expansion project included vertical gas extraction wells, HDPE collection piping, leachate forcemain collection systems, and gas condensate sump collection units. Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) during construction of the GCCS expansion was also provided by Blackstone. CQA services include vertical well drilling oversight, HDPE collection pipe installation oversight, HDPE line pressure testing, and final certification reporting to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).


As the landfill continues to grow and expand on-site, the GCCS system will have to be modified and expanded in the future to fit the ever-changing layout of the facility. Construction and installation of the GCCS expansion project was completed in 2019. CQA services were conducted during the installation process and certifications were submitted to KDHE. The gas-to-energy plant at the site is currently operational and producing higher volumes of high-BTU natural gas with the increased size of the GCCS system.