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Solid Waste Engineering & Compliance Services: McPherson Landfill



Kyle Kukuk


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Project Summary

Blackstone provides consulting services to the McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility (MASWU). The MASWU consists of the McPherson County Landfill and the MASWU Transfer Station. The Landfill is approximately 559 acres, with 371.8-acres permitted for waste disposal. Waste disposal areas include a 6.4-acre active Construction and Demolition (C&D) Landfill, a 365.4-acre new Subtitle D Landfill area, and a 23-acre closed pre-Subtitle D Landfill. The transfer station, located in McPherson, currently accepts approximately 25,000 tons of MSW annually, the majority of which is disposed in the McPherson County Landfill. Blackstone provides environmental compliance, engineering design, and solid waste planning services for the landfill and transfer station.

Solid Waste Project

Services Provided

Engineering Design and Construction Management

Blackstone assisted the landfill in updating their CQA plan to include procedures to certify the sand drainage layer placement on the landfill slopes.

Blackstone planned and designed a leachate management system expansion consisting of a 3-acre leachate evaporation pond to provide additional leachate storage relief after large rain events. Blackstone completed the design and permitting process, assisted in construction planning, and provided CQA oversight for pond construction.

Solid Waste Planning Assistance

Blackstone is assisting with solid waste planning to evaluate future cell development at the landfill. The current active cell is rapidly filling, and additional cells will need to be designed and constructed soon. Blackstone is in the process of preparing a revised landfill design/phasing plan to meet the future needs of the MASWU based on anticipated future solid waste generation rates.

Environmental Compliance
  • Stormwater Permitting, SWPPP Preparation, SPCC Plan Preparation
  • Groundwater and Leachate Reporting
  • Hydrogeological Evaluation and Sampling and Analysis Plan Preparation