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Solid Waste Engineering & Compliance Services: WCA/GL

Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Kentucky


Lindsay James


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Project Summary

Blackstone provides solid waste and groundwater compliance for WCA Waste/GFL in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Kentucky. Blackstone provides groundwater compliance services including routine groundwater monitoring and reporting, alternate source demonstrations, monitoring network design, leachate monitoring, and groundwater monitoring plan preparation. Blackstone also assists with stormwater management plan preparation, routine solid waste engineering, and landfill gas monitoring and remedial solutions.

Services Provided

  • Black Oak Landfill horizontal expansion engineering, design and permitting.
  • CML Cell 6 sump investigation in support of engineering services to determining groundwater level and engineering design implications.
  • Perform semi-annual groundwater sampling, statistical analysis, and reporting for multiple landfills throughout the Midwest.
  • Conduct background quarterly monitoring for new network wells and perform statistical analysis at multiple landfills to evaluate data quality and representativeness.
  • Prepare Assessment of Corrective Measures reports and well installation work plans.
  • Perform proactive geochemical analysis for monitoring wells showing statistical exceedances comparing leachate analytical and surface water analytical to well data.
  • Prepared work plans, executed fieldwork, and prepared final reports for two investigations into volatile organic compound detections in groundwater. Fieldwork included collection of groundwater, leachate, and SUMMA cannister air samples.
  • Prepared an Assessment of Corrective Measures and Selection of Remedy resulting in the design and installation of a passive landfill gas cutoff trench.
  • Preparation of stormwater and leachate management plans.
  • Designed and installed a groundwater monitoring network including analysis of lithological and hydrogeological site conditions. Borings were logged and field interpretations made in order to properly screen monitoring wells in a low-yield aquifer.