Blackstone Speaking Engagements

Blackstone Speaking Engagements

Dec 22, 2022

Blackstone continues to be a leader in the industry. The knowledge, experience, and capabilities of Blackstone personnel can be demonstrated by participating in and speaking at events such as conferences, workshops, City council meetings, public outreach meetings, and career fairs.

Senior Project Manager, Krista Brodersen, had an eventful fall season, that included speaking engagements, to promote Blackstone Environmental’s services, inform and educate the public on city redevelopments, and educate professionals about Brownfields redevelopment.

At a City of Clinton, Iowa, Council Meeting, Ms. Brodersen gave an informal presentation on Blackstone Environmental as a company and the services that are currently offered to the City following approval to write grant applications.

At a City of Clinton public community outreach meeting, Ms. Brodersen and Blackstone client East Central Intergovernmental Association (ECIA) presented a discussion of the Brownfields Cleanup Grant Application for the City Hall. Eleven city residents attended in-person and 24 residents attended virtually. The meeting included a presentation of the general information on the definition and description of a Brownfields, the City’s plans to apply for a Cleanup Grant, the history and environmental concerns of the proposed Brownfields site, and the draft analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA). The majority of the meeting was spent discussing opportunities at the proposed Brownfields site, challenges of the redevelopment, and answering questions about the project. A video of the meeting can be viewed by clicking here.

Screenshot of the City of Clinton public community outreach meeting from YouTube.

Ms. Brodersen recently received an invitation from ECIA to speak at a conference for the East Central Iowa Clerk’s Association (ECICA) on November 8, 2022. A video of the presentation can be viewed by clicking the link here. The description for Ms. Brodersen’s presentation is as follows:

Tap into Your Brownfields Experts to Optimize Your Next Redevelopment Project. Krista Brodersen, Senior Project Manager, Blackstone Environmental, Inc.; Dawn Danielson, ECIA Brownfields Project Manager; Mel Pins, Program Coordinator, Iowa DNR. 
Krista will share with you what you need to know and do before you acquire a property. Once you acquire a property – now what? Dawn and Mel will share with you how you can tap into Brownfields funds and resources to jumpstart a redevelopment project sharing with you past success stories within the region. Join this panel of experts as they take you through the brownfields process.

A key part of Blackstone’s services is not only engaging with the client, but also engaging and educating the public on the events and procedures of Brownfields Redevelopment. Redevelopment sites are not only for the benefit of the client, but also the surrounding communities.

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