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Solid Waste Engineering & Compliance Services: Chanute Sanitary Landfill



Mike Kukuk


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Project Summary

Blackstone provides engineering design, environmental compliance, and solid waste planning services for the Chanute Sanitary Landfill (CSL). Blackstone recently completed the engineering design and CQA oversight for a new 9.3-acre cell at the CSL and provided construction management and construction quality assurance (CQA) for cell construction.

The City of Chanute recently evaluated the option to sell or contract out solid waste services and the associated landfill. Blackstone provided solid waste planning services to aid the City in evaluating the cost of privatizing solid waste services including collection, disposal, purchase of landfill permit, C&D permit, tire monofill permit, and burn permit. We prepared a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to evaluate prospective purchasers of the landfill and its assets. The RFQ included a summary and review of site history, statement of current infrastructure, permits, and operations, compilation of assets, criteria for evaluating qualified respondents, and a timeline for the RFQ process. Blackstone contracted with a national firm with solid waste assets appraisal experience to complete an appraisal of the landfill and its assets. Blackstone led the RFQ process for the City through release of the RFQ, arranging site visits, and review of RFQ responses.

Services Provided

Engineering Design and Construction Management
  • Design of new 9.3-acre MSW cell
  • Construction management and CQA
  • Leachate recirculation feasibility study
Solid Waste Planning Assistance
  • Summarized and reviewed site history
  • Prepared RFQ to evaluate prospective purchasers
  • Guidance through RFQ process
Environmental Compliance
  • Semi-annual groundwater/leachate sampling
  • Comprehensive plume evaluation
  • Stormwater permitting & SWPPP design/implementation
  • Closure/post closure estimates
  • Operations plan training