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Odor: Odor Study

July 31, 2019

Kansas Location Lindsay James Contact Service Lines Odor Air Quality Solid Waste Project Understanding Blackstone conducted a multi-phase odor study and provided consulting services for a Kansas municipality. Beginning in late 2015, the City observed an increase in odor reports in the vicinity of a large local landfill and assembled an Odor Study Team consisting of personnel from the City, County, landfill, and Blackstone. The goals of the Odor Study Team involved identifying the cause or causes of the increase in odor reports and using a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to reduce odors in the community. Services Provided Phase I of the odor study focused on identifying potential odor sources and other factors which may have contributed to the sudden and sustained increase in odor reports such as local meteorological conditions, topography, and the release of an electronic reporting app. As part of this phase, Blackstone created a database which allowed for the analysis of report information (time, location, description) and meteorological records (temperature, wind speed…
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