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Company News

A Fun-Filled Quarter at Blackstone

December 9, 2021

The last quarter of the year has presented Blackstone with many opportunities to gather as a company and celebrate its successes with our clients and employees.  Blackstone Birthday Bash After a year of waiting due to COVID, we finally hosted our 10-year (really our 10th plus one-year anniversary), Blackstone Birthday Bash, in October. The event was held at The Venue in Leawood and provided the perfect atmosphere for food, drinks, music, and great conversation for our employees, clients, and vendors. Everyone who attended was met with delicious appetizers, desserts, and a cup full of Blackstone swag as a thank you. We were thankful that all our employees attended this great event and could get an updated staff photo! The Bash allowed many of our newer employees a chance to meet with clients as well as the employees from our out-of-state offices.  Annual Chili Cook-Off To continue building time for our employees to gather socially and enjoy some fun we hosted our annual chili cook-off. Ed…
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