Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Geospatial Services
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Geospatial Services

Our UAV expertise is essential for engineering design and site redevelopment. The Blackstone drone provides aerial imagery, inspections of critical assets, and bird’s-eye-views of contaminated sites. Additionally, by using our UAV data combined with GPS, we can pinpoint precise locations and inventory assets.

Service Offerings

UAV Aerial Imagery 
  • Engineering Design and Site Redevelopment Projects
  • Aerial Inspections of Critical Assets
  • Bird’s-Eye-View of Contaminated Sites
  • True-Color Aerial Basemaps
  • Topographic Mapping with RTK GPS Ground Control
  • Cinematic-Quality Fly-Over Videography
UAV Asset Inspections 
  • Structure Inspections and Reporting
  • Close-Up Inspections of Linear Assets
  • Condition Assessments of Structures After Damage
GIS/Asset Management
  • Basemaps and Precise Locations
  • Utility Assets Inside GIS
  • Digital Maps of Assets and Links to Videos, Excel Tables, As-Builts and Photos
  • GIS Database Development and Mapping
  • Automated Reporting Linked to GIS Database
  • Predictive Modeling Using Spatial Layers
  • ArcGIS Online and Collector Application Development
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