Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Geospatial Services
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Geospatial Services

Many environmental projects require Geospatial Services, and Blackstone’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) expertise is essential for engineering design and site redevelopment activities. 

Our UAV, or drone, provides aerial imagery and inspections of critical assets like water towers, air emission stacks, landfill caps and buildings. The UAV also provides a bird’s-eye-view of contaminated sites, many times revealing contamination not obvious to a site inspector on the ground. 

Additionally, Blackstone’s Geospatial services include GIS/asset management support. Using our UAV to create a basemap and GPS equipment to create precise locations, Blackstone’s geospatial experts can inventory assets, including water, wastewater, storm water, electric, gas and fiber optic lines, for any organization.

Our GIS specialists can also transform your paper records into digital maps, with each asset linked to appropriate records and accessible via your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Service Offerings

UAV Aerial Imagery 
  • Engineering Design and Site Redevelopment Projects
  • Aerial Inspections of Critical Assets
  • Bird’s-Eye-View of Contaminated Sites
  • True-Color Aerial Basemaps
  • Topographic Mapping with RTK GPS Ground Control
  • Cinematic-Quality Fly-Over Videography
UAV Asset Inspections 
  • Structure Inspections and Reporting
  • Close-Up Inspections of Linear Assets
  • Condition Assessments of Structures After Damage
GIS/Asset Management
  • Basemaps and Precise Locations
  • Utility Assets Inside GIS
  • Digital Maps of Assets and Links to Videos, Excel Tables, As-Builts and Photos
  • GIS Database Development and Mapping
  • Automated Reporting Linked to GIS Database
  • Predictive Modeling Using Spatial Layers
  • ArcGIS Online and Collector Application Development
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